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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

It Isn't Just a Bike, It's a Yamaha

At some point in time every boy dreams of having a bike of his own. Of course the expectation of when they would like their first one might be sooner than possible, but nevertheless, they always desire to invest in one that they can call their own. Some make their preferences based on the type of bike they want. It could be a dirt bike, a sports bike, a cruiser or a chopper. The other half chooses their bikes based on the brand. Of course you dream of the best but when reality strikes you still hold on to aspirations, but those that fit within a budget. For those whose bank accounts size up to the carpet area of my house, dream of Harley Davidsons, Kawasakis and Ducatis. For those who stand a little lower than that, like me, dream of owning a Yamaha or a KTM. Now don't get me wrong, these brands too feature bikes that can be classified in the niche segment. But they bridge the gap in the hope of making their bikes affordable for a larger audience. The thrill of owning a bike of your own is a feeling of sheer excitement. Like most little boys, I too grew up fantasizing about owning my own motorbike. From my very first job, I began to save month after month, year after year, increment after increment, until I got a good break into a new company that rained a package on me, sufficient to sanction me a loan. That offer letter was my golden ticket. I was finally going to get my hands on my dream bike. For about a year, I had my mind set on the Yamaha FZ V2.0 FI. So I decided a time and date to visit one of the best Yamaha motorcycledealers in Pune. The features of the bike were no doubt incredible and I was thoroughly impressed with the test drive the dealership encouraged me to take. Through the entire process, I realised a few things about Yamaha as a brand which convinced me that investing in their bike was a decision I would not regret.

Honest opinions – The staff at the dealership were very clear when speaking to me about the bike. They complemented the aspects of the bike that were truly remarkable and did not try to oversell any characteristics of the bike. Honestly in my opinion, I felt that simply riding the bike would have been enough to convince anyone to go ahead and 'make a move'. I had a lot of queries regarding the servicing, the installments that had to be paid, situations which would require me to have parts of the bike replaced and a lot more. They were systematic in explaining each and every detail to me and gave me instances in which I may face certain challenges but assured me that with their help, getting things in order would be much easier.

Constant upgrade – Every bike introduced to the market by the brand has been better than the previous one. The company consistently makes an effort to design and manufacture bikes that are better in performance. As a brand, Yamaha has always strived to improve the technology and engineering used in each of their machines. They have therefore been awarded at recognizable platforms for various aspects of their motorbikes. Regardless of whether it is their scooters or sports bikes, Yamaha has forever been winning the hearts of bike enthusiasts across the globe. The level of innovation when it comes to the designs of their bikes is unparalleled. They in no way are mere motorbikes but selectively crafted pieces of art.

Transparency – This experience comes from my research as well as a joint experience of helping a friend get his Yamaha serviced too. Post sale care of a bike ranks at the top of the priority list. You could bring your bike in to the service station for a simple oil change or even a whole part replaced, the service station will make sure that your bike is delivered back to you in the best shape. My friend has never once experienced being overcharged or seen addition of services that are charged on the bill.

It is now close to a year that I have been using the bike and my first two services with the company has been incredible. The staff has always exhibited great professionalism and I have never once faced any hindrance when seeking help from them. With the overall experience I was treated to I don't just think of myself to have got the bike I wanted, instead I am a proud owner of a brilliant Yamaha. Yes, I do feel like the price was on the higher side, but I have no regrets about it. Everything from the fuel consumption to the design and the feel of the ride too is just a perfect experience. I am also of the opinion that because I bought the bike from one of the authorised Yamaha motorcycle dealers Pune, that my experience was a much better one.

Getting To Know Tandoori Better

Food on the whole has the ability to leave diners mesmerised and make them feel almost like they are lost in the moment. The flavours that sink onto your palate with every bite can be so soothing to your senses. Which is why, a number of misconceptions about food and the industry that you may have are all forgiven. Like, tandoori is perceived to be a cuisine, when in-fact it is the name of a cooking technique. Other famous misconceptions that people and you might have are that tomatoes are Indian, when in fact they were originally found in Spain and that authentic Chinese food tastes exactly the way it is served in the restaurants here. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If I were to dig out these misconceptions, we could be wading through them to find out the truth. Tandoor is one of the most adored food types in the country. Some of you may even be surprised to know that this style of cooking is famous in the United Kingdom as well as in France. Yup, there are things the French envy about us too! Yes, I did refer to it as a food type because it is not a cuisine. The word Tandoori originates from clay cylindrical oven called tandoor, which is used to cook breads, meats and vegetables. The best replication of this in the Continental front would be barbecue. Delicacies from the tandoor can be best enjoyed at the tandoori restaurants inHyderabad.

I was recently enjoying a meal at a restaurant around my house with my friends and we were discussing what in the food business we would like to try next. When one of them suggested that we should explore "the tandoori cuisine." It then suddenly struck me, what is 'tandoori cuisine'? Now I of course forgave him for saying that because the poor chap is Canadian and he knew no better. But it dawned on me that many of you, including myself, up until a certain point, believed that tandoori is a cuisine. So I thought it would be nice to clear the air on the misconceptions held with this form of cooking.

The mention of tandoori only makes you think heavy spices and a burning hot tongue. The flaming red colour from the traditional tandoori chicken lights up our thoughts. It makes you salivate no doubt, but also makes you feel like you need to grab that cold glass of water to sooth out the spice. A number of preparations involve curd and the marination of the meat in it. The deep orange colour is conjured from haldi or turmeric. Kashmiri chillis too are used to stir up that mouth watering colour. The devilish black lining that you may see sometimes is caused from being cooked in the oven.

There is a surprising number of people who believe that cooking in a tandoor is an exotic way of preparing the food. Sure, some of you may simply laugh this one off, but I myself have come across too many people who think this way. Though the concepts were alive even back in the days, stoves and grills became a thing much later. What we now know as stoves, were chulas back in the days. Tandoors too were the age old ovens. These were used by the locals to cook their breads and meats, as using oil was an expensive affair. Considering that this happened in the Northern region of the country, where the climate was cold, ovens would be ideal to use as the fire would not burn out easily.

Eating food that is cooked in a tandoor can actually be a healthy choice. When the meat is cooked in the oven and over the burning coal, the fat is melted, leaving you with nothing but lean meat. This works brilliantly when cooking mutton, lamb and to a great extent chicken too. Also, the meat cooks in its own fat which then makes it a much healthier option rather than having processed oil drizzled all over it. Even though there is no use of additional oil and this cooking style is as local as it can get, there is no compromise made on the flavour. On the contrary, the meat is succulent with every bit and the breads are soft and delightful.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Most Common Cases Reported to Endocrinologists

More and more people we come across, complain of conditions arising in their body that leave them feeling uncomfortable or causing them to constantly fall ill. When asked for reasons from doctors and experts, stress, has become one of the leading causes for a majority of these ailments. Another great effect stress has on our bodies is the alteration of the amount of hormones secreted. Every other day we hear of new health issues coming up that are related to imbalance in the hormones. And they cause much greater effects on our body than we can imagine. An imbalance in hormones can affect your mood, the hair growth on your body and rejuvenation of skin, muscle, the quality of sleep, digestion and break down of the food that is consumed and much more. Hormone imbalance is alot like the domino effect. The moment it it is affected, it causes various other things in our body to go haywire. For instance, the occurrence of PCOD - Polycystic Ovarian Disease which causes hormones to fluctuate brings on a string of problems such as irregular menstrual cycle, unusual facial hair growth, pigmentation in the skin, tiredness, infertility and weight gain. After these issues begin affecting the physical end of a person, it escalates to the psychological one, which means depression follows after all these conditions begin to rise in the body. Complications like this are common in both men and women and it is essential to visit the best endocrinologists Pune for a consult. Here are some of the top health issues that are reported to these specialists.

Thyroid – Have you noticed an unexplained weight gain or loss recently? Matched with sensitivity to cold, constant constipation, inability to detect fever and even regular heartbeats are the most common symptoms of thyroid. These of course differ based on whether you are suffering from Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism. In many cases, patients also complain of dry skin and fluid retention. This condition has a great effect on your hormones and can cause you to go into depression, depending on the severity of the situation. With irregular eating and sleeping habits that many of you are seen following, having thyroid occur in the body has become no surprise off late. The growth of the thyroid gland causes the neck area to swell to an abnormal amount which is a condition referred to as Goiter. Though common, this problem requires constant attention as the immune system in the body begins attacking the body itself.

Osteoporosis – Many of you may be familiar with this one, and this point a little confused too. Generally, this condition is known to be a problem related with the bone. Many also perceive it to be caused due to old age. In a way it is true. When approaching the problem directly, it is one that affects the bone. However, women who go through menopause already begin facing hormone imbalances in their body. Most of which is used to help keep the body's frame in place. With its constant fluctuation, the bones too begin to depreciate and friction is caused. So while many have been treated directly for their bone, there is a chance that the root cause of this can be hormones. And if so, the patient needs to be treated by an experienced endocrinologist.

Metabolic syndrome – The first thing that hormone imbalance affects in your body is your metabolism. You will instantly notice a change in your weight when facing a fluctuation with your hormones. If you have ever noticed your stomach inflating out of no where or your blood reports indicating unexplained diabetes or even high blood pressure, there is a possibility that this could be the problem. Again, the core problem for this to arise is, the presence of hormonal imbalances.

Gynecomastia – Both, the male and female species have estrogen and progesterone present in their bodies. When there is an imbalance and the secretion of progesterone has increased in the female body, she begins to see a greater growth in facial hair, muscle building in the body and more symptoms that bring out masculine features in her. Under this condition, males notice that their breasts get larger in size. This occurs more when boys hit their puberty.
These are some of the most common cases that come to the desks of the endocrinologists in Pune. These issues start off with symptoms that you might just overlook. Therefore it is of utmost importance to pay attention to your body and keep a track of the changes it goes through. In this way, it will help give the doctor a better and more detailed insight to your body.

If you ever find yourself battling issues like these or even have symptoms that point you in the direction of these conditions, the first thing you ought to do is head to one of the best endocrinologists in Pune. Finding the root cause of a problem when it is at its earliest stage can be done only if you visit these doctors on time and on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

SAP – A Brief Overview and What's in Store for You

SAP training institutes Mumbai

For my B-school project, I had to research about the mantra followed by successful businesses that have led them to make a mark for themselves in the competitive market. During the course of my research, I stumbled upon how a majority of businesses have organized their operations for better functioning and this caught my attention. I realized that proper communication and coordination among all the departments of a business is very crucial for its smooth functioning. This becomes all the more imperative in case of large businesses that have multiple dimensions. This is where I learnt some more about SAP, which stands for Systems Applications and Products. Easing things out for large organizations, this software was designed to streamline all the processes of a business and to integrate them with one another for better overall functioning of the business. A large number of multi-national companies have resorted to the use of SAP and this has led to an increased demand for employees who are SAP certified. This is one of the main reasons why you will find an astounding number of SAP training institutes in Mumbai.

Here are a few significant things that you need to know about SAP:

A brief about SAP: This tool helps an organization to better organize all its activities. There are a number of fully integrated modules in SAP that cover various aspects of a business and allow to effectively and efficiently manage these, thus saving time. The use of this enterprise resource planning software is not confined to only one domain of a business. It can be used in areas such as human resource management, financial accounting management, customer relationship management, sales and distribution, quality management, warehouse management and so on. There is a distinct module for every specific area and you can choose to specialize in your area of interest. All of these diverse processes are ultimately aligned into one program that makes the overall functioning and handling easy and more organized.

Types of SAP training: There is no doubt in the fact that acquiring SAP certification gives you an upper hand at job interviews as many companies today give preference to SAP certified employees for better productivity and functioning of the organization. However, before you set out to enroll for a course, it is vital for you to understand your area of interest and accordingly choose a functional module. For starters, you have to make a choice between functional and technical courses. Functional courses span across areas like accounts and finance, human resource, customer relationship, sales and marketing and the likes. On the other hand, technical courses essentially cover the domain of information technology. The next step after deciding on the type of course is to pick a module in which you wish to specialize.

How SAP training enhances your professional profile? Finding the answer to this question is the most important before you sign up for a course. The demand that organizations have for SAP certified individuals is one the rise. Having certified in SAP, you are at the receiving end of more job opportunities than your contemporaries who do not have this certification. This is because the course adds immense value to your skill set and the industry looks at you as a value addition to their organization. Also, in addition to having a better line-up of employment opportunities, you are also entitled to a more lucrative remuneration in comparison to someone without SAP training. Because you bring much more to the company in terms of your skills, knowledge, expertise, and overall know-how, you are looked upon as a more worthwhile addition to the employer. It also further improvises your chances of a promotion, earns you immense recognition and respect from seniors, colleagues and sub-ordinates, and gives you a chance to prove your mettle.

As for me, I have made up my mind to finish my MBA and then sign up at one of the most recognized SAP training institutes Mumbai offers to better my chances of recruitment in leading organizations. If you too want to be at the top of your game, I'd suggest you to analyze your areas of strength and expertise and enroll for SAP certification too.

Choosing Between Home Broadband and Mobile Broadband

broadband internet service providers

The internet has revolutionized our lives so much so that it has made us all dependent on its power for the smallest doubt to fetching answers or solutions for the biggest problem at hand. It won't be incorrect to say that the internet has become our savior of sorts. Constantly checking or posting social media updates, retail therapy, professional lives; every aspect of our lives is in somehow related to it today. What's more, people have also started relying on the internet to find their better half, be it through dating apps or via matrimonial websites. One really has to think hard to be able to figure out one thing that the internet cannot do. The internet truly has us all covered as do broadband internet service providers in Chandigarh. For me, the best way to gauge how the internet has become a way of life is witnessing parents fret over weak or lost connections hindering their routine. Why go far? I have myself been in such a spot with my parents. Just like most of us, I have also had confrontations with my oldies with them taunting me on how I was always busy on my phone or laptop all the time and how the internet had replaced them in my life. Cut two: my parents call me when the Wi-Fi at home isn't functioning properly and they don't have any internet connectivity! Life does come a full circle indeed!

Now, both my parents are retired and like to live life at their own discretion. They have days when they are out socializing and days when they'd rather stay at home and relax. This is one of the chief reasons that I still have a broadband connection at my residence. And I don't know why but both of them have this inclination towards the Wi-Fi at home as opposed to their cellular data, which I do believe is just a backup option for them when they are not at home. I have also faced a situation wherein they chose to not stay connected at all when the Wi-Fi had signal issues rather than just switch on their cellular data. This is why I choose the best of broadband internet service providers for my home.

If you are looking to get access to a broadband connection, there is a list of things that you should consider before deciding on an internet service provider (ISP) for your use. However, before you go all out to inquire from your friends and neighbours about their views on a particular ISP in your neighbourhood or set foot into the offices of the many ISPs, there is one major question you need to ask yourself and that is whether you are looking for home broadband or mobile broadband?

A few things you need to know about these:

Home broadband: If you need access to the internet only when at home, home broadband is a good option. Also, with home broadband, you can connect multiple devices at once. Now there are different ways in which you can get a home broadband from your ISP. The most traditional way is through your phone line. The more popular ones are broadband via ADSL which involves the use of wires and via the use of a Wi-Fi router which is a wireless connection. These also allow access without obstructing the use of your telephone line. There are many cable TV or satellite connection providers who also serve as an ISP and provide you with either a set-top box or a cable modem for your internet connection. The downside of a home broadband is that it restricts your connectivity to your premises only. Also, since a number of devices can connect at once, it leads to a reduction in the speed.

Mobile broadband: As the name suggests, a mobile broadband connection is mobile, meaning you can carry it with you on the go and connect it to your laptop. This is more suitable for students, working professionals who are always traveling and need to stay connected to the internet via a laptop, and anybody who needs a non-shared internet connection for your laptop or desktop. This is offered by many 3G and 4G mobile network providers in the form of a dongle, also called a USB stick, which is plugged into the desktop or laptop. Since only a single system is connected, the speed offered is usually on the higher side.

It is always advisable to weigh your pros and cons before you settle for a particular type of broadband internet service providers Chandigarh offers. I did go for a home broadband connection for its ability to connect multiple devices at once which meant both my parents had access to it. Also, do check for the best offers and packages these service providers offer, for an enhanced experience


Friday, 6 April 2018

The Benefits of Enrolling for Formal Coaching for GMAT Preparation Over Online Preparation

GMAT tutorials Mumbai

My father prides in being a self-made man and this is something that I look upto him for. As a youngster, I always had this desire to be able to match upto him and see the look of content and gratification on his face that my professional success would bring. I have been nurturing this dream for years now and have taken one big step forward in this direction. I was on the verge of completion of my B.E in Electronics and Telecommunication when it was time for me to do something to realize my dream. I had a few business plans on my mind but I wanted to do it all the right way without. That's when I decided to pursue MBA from one of the top-notch international universities. Now, this isn't as easy as it sounds as there are a lot of conditions to be fulfilled to be able to qualify for a management program from the best of international B-schools around the world. I did quite a lot of networking by getting in touch with seniors, friends, friends of friends, and whoever I possibly could, to get all the know-how of how the best business schools that I must consider, the course of action, and all other related information. That said, my own online and offline research benefited me greatly as I went on to find answers to the smallest of my queries without the fear of being judged. Now, taking the GMAT examination and scoring well is one of the most crucial steps to qualify for a reputed B-school. You can either opt for formal coaching offered by various classes in your city or rely on online coaching and self-study. As for me, after all my research and findings, I did come to the conclusion that formal coaching is a far better option for all the aspirants out there. When it comes to GMAT tutorials Mumbai doesn't have a dearth of classes that do complete justice to aspiring business management students and I too enrolled in one that best suited my needs.

To ease things out a bit for those of you sailing in the same boat as me, I am listing down my reasons for choosing formal coaching classes vis-à-vis opting for self-study and online training:
  1. Knowledge of the faculty: The faculty appointed at various coaching centers are qualified and experienced professionals who possess in-depth knowledge not only about the different sections of the examination but also of the best ways to solve problems. Their experience comes in handy in offering the most appropriate and time efficient way of taking the exam and dealing with the questions therein. Having coached students for years, these tutors are in a good position to mentor you and offer their guidance in the best way possible.

  2. Answer to all your queries: Now it is not uncommon to encounter roadblocks while solving problems whilst preparing for an examination. And I am sure, during the course of your GMAT preparation, you will be left wondering “how is this the right solution and not what I came up with?”, on occasions more than one. This is precisely where having access to a tutor proves beneficial as you can walk upto them and get answers to all your doubts. Now, some of you may argue that you can find the right solution and method online, but in case you do, the time spent in doing so is comparatively more. Also, approaching a tutor in person won't only save you lots of time but also brings it with a sense of satisfaction when you can voice your questions and get them answered. Another thing to note here is that with a professional coaching center, you give yourself the chance to actually think and find solutions to questions rather than just watch online videos and be fed with the method and solution without much thinking.

  3. Feedback on mock tests: Mock tests are a pivotal aspect of preparing for GMAT and these are provided by all the coaching centers as well as can be found for online training as well. However, there is a catch here. Though you can take mock tests online, the feedback that you get from a tutor is something that makes a huge difference and prepares you well for your next mock test and finally for the actual examination. Their comments and analysis of your performance and first-hand feedback will do you immense good and you will know how you can ace the examination that can make a world of a change to your career.

These were some aspects that made me choose professional GMAT tutorials in Mumbai for my preparation. If you too are debating your options, I hope my findings help you in some way.
All the Best!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

4 Types of Brides Making Heads Turn with their Choice of Bridal Attires

bridal wear retailers Chandigarh

Being in love with everything to do with fashion and lifestyle, retail therapy is something that works for me in almost every scenario. That being said, my level of happiness and excitement knew no bounds when my BFF's wedding date was finalized a few weeks ago. We are a trio of gals and all three of us, including her, had been waiting for her wedding date to be fixed for the last one year, thanks to her never-ending medical examinations. Now that finally, the date was out, it meant it was time to set the shopping ball in motion to scout for the many many outfits that she would be adorning for the various functions. Now we all know there are different types of brides depending on a number of factors. As for her, she wants an elaborate wedding with as many functions as possible! Nobody's complaining though. As I have been happily accompanying her to every single store, be it for her outfits, footwear, bags, jewellery or any other thing, I have observed the buying patterns of varied brides-to-be based on their choice, likes, and preferences. Now when it comes to bridal wear retailers Chandigarh has a melange of options to suit the needs of any and every type of fashion lover. We women in the north have a thing for everything perfect when it comes to our ensembles and appearances, even the regular ones, then a bridal look is a massive responsibility!

The rounds to endless bridal wear stores have made me realize that it is not only the brides from the glamour industry who have evolved but the ones in the real world too have. Brides today are going for various looks and do not shy away from taking the path less travelled. The city stores sure do justice to these changing trends. Based on what I have observed, here are the 4 types of brides on the basis of the look they are opting to don for their D-day:

The Minimalistic Bride: A raging trend among brides these days is going for the minimalistic look. This in no way means that these brides-to-be do not dress up for their wedding day and other functions but they are choosing to go for a more muted look. The colour palette here plays a big role in highlighting the bride's choice. The reds and pinks of the lehenga or sari are replaced by the more subtle and elegant hues like blush, mauve, mint green, and ice blue. And no, these are not only limited to the pre-wedding celebrations but are also finding their way on the wedding day as brides are not shying away from sporting bridal trousseau in these shades. The detailing on the outfits is also well balanced as these brides smartly neutralize the jazz on the lehenga by pairing it up with a subtler and simpler blouse. For those opting for saris, the intricate detailing of zari work is mostly limited to the pallu of the sari and lower half of it. If the sari has more detailing, they play it down by teaming it with a blouse that is understated but stylish nevertheless

The Traditional Bride: Traditional never goes out of fashion. A bride opting for the traditional look likes the grandeur of every single detail. I have seen them naturally gravitate towards classic reds, maroons, and pinks. The saris, lehengas, ghagras they choose are defined by the ornate work which is nothing less than grand. The heavier the lehenga or sari the happier the bride! To add to the splendour of the outfit, the jewellery they choose is equally detailed and one-of-a-kind. The intricate work on the choker only amplifies the opulence of the look. Replete with ornate neck pieces, not one, of course, heavy dangling earrings, bangles, nath, maang-teeka and other statement pieces of jewellery, this bride surely knows how to reinstate traditional poise and exude elegance and exuberance.

The Bollywood-Inspired Bride: Every bride wants to make some sort of style statement on her big day, and this type chooses to do so by recreating a popular Bollywood look flaunted by her favourite diva. I have seen these brides-to-be show pictures of the look they aspire to recreate to the salesperson at various stores and ask if they have something similar. Now recreating these designs is also a thing and there are a number of stores where you can find replicas of popular looks. Some of these stores also recreate the look for you if they do not have a particular design or 'look' of your choice. The colour, design, and detailing of the outfit are quite similar to the look sported by the celebrity and these brides proudly flaunt their dream-look on their big day with oomph and finesse making heads turn.

The Modern Indian Bride: This one has the guts to experiment with her attire even on the day of her wedding! You will find the true modern Indian bride steer away from the regular colours as well as the regular outfits. They opt for what is trending and go the unconventional way. These days, pairing crop tops with regular or high-waist lehengas, teaming jackets with kurtis and skirts, donning sari gowns are in vogue. I'd like to term this one as the unconventional bride who knows how to stand out and make an individualistic style statement of her own. She wears her unique style with confidence and gracefully carries herself everywhere she goes.

bridal wear retailers in Chandigarh

As for me, we are still putting together all the looks for my soul sister's big day. In the meantime, if you are a bride-to-be or are in a place where I am, you will certainly be delighted by the collection that bridal wear retailers in Chandigarh have in store for you. Whatever your style mantra is, you will be flooded with options aplenty in this city.


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

3 Genres of Motorcycles From Yamaha For Different Biking Needs

Yamaha motorcycle dealers in Mumbai

Bikes are a passion that many of us are enthusiastic about. And it wouldn't be wrong to say that considering today's scenario in the city, bikes have gone beyond being a passion to being a necessity. The madness on the roads, thanks to the never-ending traffic jams, renders little patience to be behind the wheel for hours at a stretch being stuck in what can be called not-moving-at-all traffic. Maneuvering around on bikes is far better and convenient in the city and this is something I personally prefer too, as the past few months have made me partial towards bikes. The major reason for my choice is the time difference that it takes me to reach my office by a four-wheeler compared to that of a two-wheeler. Now that being said, I must also admit that my love for bikes is limited to being a pillion, but an experienced and knowledgeable one at that. I have been riding pillion with my brother for the last fifteen years and it is his love for bike riding that has made a place in my life too. Now with him being a true-blue bike lover, I have gained immense information about two-wheelers, the various brands as well as some technicalities. My brother has tried his hand at different makes of bikes in all these years and one name that he blindly trusts with his experience is Yamaha. When it comes to deciding on a particular bike, I have seen him visit showrooms of Yamaha motorcycle dealers Mumbai offers and consider his options before a purchase.

There are a number of parameters like your budget, purpose of purchasing a bike, the finance options, fuel consumption and mileage, and resale value, that are usually considered before making the purchase. Apart from these, a rather imperative aspect is to determine the type of bike that you are looking at. The automobile sector has evolved radically and there are genres and sub-genres that justify your every need. During a recent conversation with him, my brother happened to enlighten me about how Yamaha has made a mark for itself in different genres of bikes and thus become a fit-for-all two-wheeler brand. He was scouting for a new set of wheels and during our trip to the dealership stores in the city, I discovered a lot. I was amazed to learn that the brand has a line-up of exciting models for beginners as well as for seasoned bikers, a fact that I was completely unaware of. Of the wide choice from their line-up, 3 types of motorcycles from the house of Yamaha have stayed with me. Here, I will be sharing the 3 types that managed to impress me the most and I hope it makes for a good and insightful read.

Cruisers: For those who enjoy bike riding for the sheer joy of long rides and the thrill of the wind blowing in the face while riding freely across the terrains of the city, cruisers are a perfect fit. Yamaha VMAX is a classic example of what can be called a ride made for giving that adrenaline rush when you set the bike in motion. A sturdy model which is an embodiment of the best of design and technical specifications, it impressed my brother as a rider and me as someone who enjoys the looks of a bike while enjoying the ride. What I like about this type of ride is that while it gives an exhilarating experience, the ride is not at all uncomfortable. If you are someone who enjoys long distance travels on your bike and are looking for an exciting upgrade, then considering this one will surely be a wise decision.

Sports Bikes: Now who doesn't love sports bikes? Even a non-rider's eyes widen at the sight of a majestic and mean sports bike. The sound of the bike's acceleration is enough to invigorate excitement. I cannot even count the number of instances when I have coaxed my brother to become a professional bike racer for the pure pleasure of being able to experience first-hand the on-the-edge feel that it offers. Though Yamaha has a number of sports bikes under its banner, the latest launch from the brand, Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 is every adventure junkie's need. It is the latest to join the bandwagon of sports bikes and I find it to be a thunderous addition.

Commuter Bikes: I cannot imagine my father riding a sports bike or an off-road motorcycle. For him and for other regular bike riders, commuter bikes are a saviour. After all, it is not every day that you can park yourself on a sports bike or a cruiser and be on your way to the local market to buy your weekly stock of groceries. The Yamaha Saluto RX is a favourite among the masses. I can say so because a couple of friends are proud owners of this one. It fits the bill perfectly for being an affordable ride, one that can take you to your workplace and yet make a style statement, thanks to its smart design.

Though there are other genres out there, these 3 have left a mark on my mind. I did get to see these models by visiting a number of Yamaha motorcycle dealers in Mumbai with my brother. He is still contemplating between a couple of options from the brand and hopefully will soon make up his mind. And if you too are looking out for options, do plan a visit to these dealership stores in the city and check for the availability of a model of your choice.

4 Potential Indicators of Hypothyroidism

It was around six years ago that my sister got married. Now the one thing that my entire extended family and friends started relating to my sister's marriage, after a good six months or so, was how I had suddenly gained weight. And when I say I gained weight, I mean I went on from 52 kg to 64 kg in six months and then to 78 kg in another six months. Initially, I did not pay much attention to the extra kilos I kept piling on. After the first 6-8, I blamed it all on binging to overcome the void that my sister's absence had created. And I do not blame myself for it too. After her marriage, I was still scouting for jobs and sitting for campus placements, having finished my final semester of engineering. I had a lot of time at my disposal and would spend most of it stationed on a bean bag with my laptop and food as my constant companions. I thought that it was all the feel-good food that I kept downing continuously that made me discard all my clothing for no longer being the right size. From jeans to shirts and dresses, it was all going to the no-longer-fits-me shelf in my wardrobe. But it wasn't before I noticed some other major changes in my body that an alarm rang and I knew this was something serious, something that needed medical attention. A visit to my family doctor and a few blood tests later, I was told I was suffering from hypothyroidism. She gave me references of a few endocrinologists Chandigarh had and suggested I visit one at the earliest.

I am sure there will be other women out there who can relate to my story. I did learn quite a lot from my own experience with dealing with hypothyroidism and I wouldn't blame anyone of you who might be ignoring potential symptoms, just the way I did. But real queens fix each other's crowns and that's precisely what I am going to do here. During the course of time, my body underwent drastic transformations which I will be listing down below. I hope, unlike me, you do not overlook these signs that could be signalling you to pay a visit to an endocrinologist at the earliest.

  1. Unexplained and sudden weight gain: As I mentioned earlier, I put on quite a lot of weight and that too in a very short span of time. Now, if you too observe that you are putting on weight without any sudden lifestyle and diet changes, you might want to consult your family doctor first, just the way I did. Your family doctor is your first step as he/she will recommend a few blood tests that will help determine the medical cause, if any. Now, it may not always happen that your weight gain will be related to hypothyroidism or for that matter any other ailment. But being sure is mandatory.
  2. Feeling lethargic: I always had this feeling of tiredness which would begin the moment I would open my eyes and plan to step out of bed. The urge to lay in bed a little longer is not new to anyone of us, but when it extends to hours before you actually have to drag yourself out of bed, every single morning, it is not a good feeling, trust me. Another marker here is your hours of sleep. If you notice that you are sleeping more than you otherwise do, on a regular basis, your body could be telling you something which you definitely should not ignore.
  3. Hair loss: This was one of the major triggers that pushed me to go and consult a doctor. Which woman does not love her hair? Imagine my plight when I saw my thick mane of wavy tresses start thinning in no time. I actually had to run my fingers deep down my mane to be able to feel my scalp and then one fine day, as I ran my fingers into my hair, I could easily feel my scalp. Now that frightened me like never before! I was envied by my sister right from childhood for my luscious locks and here I was standing in front of the mirror staring at a visibly flat hair surface on my crown area. This is when I knew I had to take control of the situation as enough damage has already been done.

  4. Prolonged sadness: I conveniently let myself believe that being left alone post my sister's marriage was the cause of my sad and gloomy behaviour at all times. Turned out I was wrong all along. That did leave me sad but wasn't the reason for my behavioural patterns and constant disinterest in everything around me. The blues I was feeling were more medical symptoms and less of what I forced myself to believe.

Once I put two and two together and assessed the entire situation, I sensed the need to consult a doctor. On my family practitioner's recommendation, I did see an endocrinologist who took matters into her hands. It has been four months since my treatment has started and I can already see a difference. I did waste a lot of time before seeking medical attention but if you notice these symptoms, you must not turn a blind eye to it. Jump into action and visit a doctor. Though these were a few symptoms that I noticed which acted as a catalyst in making me visit my doctor, you might notice these or other signs, which could be indicating you to take control of the situation. My experience with endocrinologists in chandigarh has been exemplary and I am glad to have found the right course of treatment through them.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

3 Experiential Dining Experiences in Chennai You Must Not Miss

Best Restaurants in Chennai

'People who love to eat are always the best people' goes a famous saying by Julia Child, the renowned French chef. Foodies like me would wholeheartedly believe in this too. In my opinion, Indians love eating and not just eating but also experiences that revolve around food. Each part of our culturally diverse country boasts of a unique story and association with different types of delicacies and ingredients that have crafted a one-of-a-kind historical culinary recipe. In modern times, you see restaurants trying to impress patrons with their own story of sorts, of creating a gastronomical experience, not just for the palate but for the other senses as well. Living in Chennai for the past couple of years, I have seen the culinary scene evolving right in front of my eyes, and it is definitely a welcome sight. Now food lovers from other parts of the country need not associate the restaurants Chennai has as places that served only Idli, Sambhar, Dosa and Curd Rice - all South Indian cuisine staples that I'm definitely proud of, mind you - but also associate them with venues that tickle your taste-buds with niche cuisines, experiential dining experiences, and uncanny ambiences and themes that make dining an overall pleasant sensation. And it is not just the cosmopolitan elite flocking to these venues, but also food lovers who want to savour the experience along with 'Instagram-worthy food'. And so I jot down 3 of my favourite Chennai restaurants with themes that you must visit for, if you want to be served food and a whole lot more.
  1. 747, Thoraipakkam
    Letting your taste-buds take flight, this themed restaurant is designed as a 747 jet aeroplane. As soon as you enter the venue, you first encounter the reception area that has an uncanny resemblance to the airport lounge area. To warmly greet you are hostesses who will check your booking and handover the 'boarding pass' to enter the 'aeroplane', which is the restaurant. The 'cabin crew' takes your boarding pass, which has the table number on it, and leads you to your table. You can enjoy a sit-down buffet at this eating house, served in a manner much like what you'd experience sitting on a flight. The design and décor of this establishment can be mistaken for the inside of an actual 747; the resemblance is uncanny. Coming to the food, the serving plates are also shaped like aeroplanes. This eating house serves Tandoori, North Indian, Chinese, Thai and desserts. Dynamite Potato, Patiala Chicken Leg and Andhra Chilli Fish are some of the noteworthy delicacies served here. So, if you want to experience dining on an aeroplane - minus the turbulence - this is the place.

  2. Robot Theme Restaurant, Semmancheri
    If the idea of robots serving you food has not gotten you excited, then you can safely skip reading this paragraph. This restaurant's theme is very much a slice of any of the futuristic sci-fi movies that you must have watched. Needless to say, I was totally blown away by the concept. This establishment claims to be India's first robot-themed restaurant and has already made a lot of headlines. Each of these life-sized android bots that move along between the chairs and tables is handled by an operator, who is human, of course. Celebrating all the famous bots featured in Hollywood movies is the artwork on the walls, including the ever-friendly, Wall-E. You are handed a tablet to tap your selection from an assortment of delicacies in Thai and Chinese. Tip: Make sure you make a table reservation in advance as this place is known to be packed even on the weekdays! If this isn't the future of hospitality, I don't know what is!

  3. Kaidi Kitchen, Mylapore
    When you become a prisoner of hunger, this is where you must head to! Offering a one-of-a-kind theme is Kaidi Kitchen, where you dine in a venue that recreates the look and feel of an Indian jail. Modelled on a prison, don't be surprised to see the some of the waiting staff dressed like prisoners and some like jailors. You can choose to dine at a table behind bars (quite literally), where you can sit with your fellow 'inmates' and let your taste-buds be 'captured' by the tastes and aromas of pure-vegetarian delicacies. This kid-friendly venue serves 'jail-ka-khana' with Jain-friendly options. A few of the noteworthy dishes that you can try here are Spaghetti Carbonara, Tiranga Paneer Tikka, Baked Rasgulla, and Chocolate Fondue.

If you are like me and still want to explore more such experiential dining options, also check out Abyssinian in Alwarpet, MadHatter's Tea Garden in Chetpet, Haunted in Anna Nagar East, Winter Palace in Alwarpet, and Dialogue in The Dark in Royapettah. Follow your love for Ethiopian and African food to Abyssinian while Winter Palace beckons you to indulge in the atmosphere and the flavours of Russia. Relive the story of Alice in Wonderland with the vibrant ambience at MadHatter's Tea Garden. Dining at Haunted promises you hair-raising goosebumps, while Dialogue in the Dark will make you 'see' food in a different light. Needless to say, restaurants in chennai are ready to offer you experiential and one-of-a-kind dining experiences. The question is, are you ready to indulge?


Cost Effective Packers and Movers in Nashik

Packers and Movers Nashik

Just some time ago, my uncle was looking for a packers and movers company to shift to another area in Nashik itself. These days, it is not very difficult to find a reliable and cost-effective movers and packers organization for shifting house if you know where to look for the right kind of services. There are so many relocation companies in this lovely city and most of them are fully capable of offering both local as well as long-distance home shifting. We found our packers and movers company from the Justdial website, which is fully loaded with an array of packers nearby my uncle’s house, and we could find packers agencies in huge numbers. But it was a little tricky for us to find an organization that presented itself to be cost effective as well as safe for shifting home within the city. I think that safety, with regards to household items, and reasonable rates are applicable to everyone and anyone who is planning for a relocation. Even if you are relocating locally or moving to a different city, state or country, assurance, price and a timely delivery of goods is the most crucial concern, isn’t it? I had a wonderful experience with the agency that we picked to help my uncle move to a different locality. And likewise, I would also like to help you with the ideas to pick the most efficient and reliable Packers and Movers Nashik has for home shifting.

How to find cost-effective packers and movers in nashik for shifting your home?
There are a lot of ways to find some reliable movers and packers companies if you are planning to shift elsewhere. As I mentioned earlier, I found my perfect packers and movers organization from the Justdial website. This website offered verified moving agencies for our convenience. It didn’t just end there. After having picked an ideal movers agency, I also needed to employ some extremely thought-out ways to find movers for my uncle’s local home relocation. I kept the following tips in mind while finding the right movers for my uncle. You too can go through it as it may immensely help you in any of your relocation services such as vehicle transportation, household shifting, etc.

Choose a movers agency that is located closer to your place
A lot of us would often choose to hire packers for shifting purposes without considering where exactly the company is based, in the respective city. This is completely alright if you are planning a long-distance relocation. However, if you are planning to move your stuff somewhere locally within the city itself, just like how my uncle did, then it is always advisable to find a mover that is stationed nearby. And in the same way, if you are a business person of sorts and are looking to avail storage and warehousing facilities to keep your goods safe, you ought to look for a company that’s as close to your location as possible.

Pick a packers company that is flexible
I understand that there can be no right and wrong way to judge a company before even availing its services. But if you consider this as one of the criteria, then it will surely help you to hire a packers and movers service that is somewhat flexible with its approach. Having shifted several homes myself, as I am into a government job, I can totally understand how difficult and taxing moving home is. When you shift, there are several entities, large and small, to take care of, and it often turns out that the company starts to charge you extra. This happened with me in my uncle’s case; the workers did not know that my uncle had an extra scooter to transport, but we could finally settle this problem without much hassle. Had my company not been flexible, this would turn out into a displeasing scenario. And hence, it is better to know about your packers’ flexibility of managing a few household articles here or there, which may not be in the initial list of inventory that you had presented to them while finalizing the process. Or what you can do is make it pretty clear in the first place that there may be a few extra items here and there that may need your attention without any prior notification, just as we did.

Always, always compare movers before hiring
This is the most important point to always keep in mind before hiring a packers and movers company. You should always compare at least a couple of movers and packers before you appoint them to relocate your stuff, be it within the city or anywhere in the world. Even if you want to urgently transport a few business goods to the client, it will always be wise to just ask around a little bit, make a few informative calls, before you pick one moving agency. As we all are aware, the charges of any company are not fixed as such so it is advisable to get quotations from at least a couple of them. Afterwards, you can sit in peace and thoughtfully evaluate all the measures before you pick a service. By doing so, I made sure that my uncle did not pay anything more than the present market rates for shifting purposes within the city, and we also rest assured that we had chosen the best possible Packers and Movers in Nashik from the available options. I really hope this blog helps you in picking an efficient and reasonable movers organization, with bare minimum hassles.

Check Twice Before Hiring Packers and Movers To Avoid Getting Tricked

It was August last year when my husband suddenly received the news of his transfer from Coimbatore SBI bank branch to Anandnagar Bangalore office. We had plenty of things to be shifted. We did not have much time in hand and the whole hassle of moving left us completely bewildered - where to start from and how to go about everything. We started looking out for packers and movers Coimbatore. A few of our local friends suggested the names of few companies. We began calling them up. Everyday one or the other company would visit us with their quotation. While some of them provided a very high estimate, some were fitting our budget. It was our first move and so we were not sure which one will offer us a reliable service.

After a lot of searches, we narrowed down the list of the names of packers and movers to three. One was referred by a colleague and the other two was found through online sources. We negotiated with each of the companies and finally decided to go with the one which was giving us the service at the lowest price among the three. Only a week was left for us to relocate. The company that we approved to hire called us up and confirmed that they will send four people and a supervisor at around ten in the morning on the moving day. The same evening we got a call from them again saying that they will arrive at nine in the morning. We thought that they must have made a change in their plan and it was only a matter of one hour by which they preponed. And we were completely OK with it.

We both thought, so finally everything is falling into place. While we were upset about leaving the city, we were also quite excited about moving to a new place. We began packing the clothes in trolleys as we decided not to send them with the packers and movers company. We also put the valuable things like jewellery and important documents in our personal bags. Finally, the day arrived. The bell rang exactly at 9.55 am. As soon as I opened the door, I found three people with a fourth one, who did not appear to be like the other men owing to his neat attire. I immediately mentioned about the talk we had last - ' Were you not supposed to come with four people?' The supervisor said 'No' blatantly. I was a little shocked and surprised. Then we showed them the quotation that was provided to us. They said that they were not the same one. OMG! I realized that the names of the two companies were same but they were completely two different service providers.

We called up the owner of this company and told him that we never finalized them. But this man was extremely rude in his tone. He said that we have taken a quotation from them already and agreed over the phone. I tried to make him realize that there was a big confusion because of the name of their company matching with the other one. But he would not listen for once. Lastly, he agreed to call his team back only if we pay the labour charge which was around 1000 bucks. Seeing no other way to stop this, we paid them the money. It was a big lesson learnt by us.

The company that we originally hired arrived on time. We were upset about the whole thing that took place about an hour back. The supervisor of this company was a very polite and nice guy. He told us that bad things happen Sir, but then you learn from your mistakes. At least the other company closed the matter in thousand rupees and no other damage was caused. The rest of the day went smoothly. These people were professional. They packed everything in appropriate cartons and boxes. Used bubble wraps for fragile items. Within six hours, all our furniture and other goods were packed and were ready to move. We paid them 70 percent of the total money according to the contract and the rest was to be paid upon delivery.

What we learnt from our experience is that

  1. You should always check the name of the companies to avoid getting fooled.
  2. You should always cross-check how reliable the company is by going through previous customer testimonials.
  3. Always ensure to see that if the company has a website of their own.
  4. It is also important that the company has a valid address and a valid contact number so that you can always catch them in case of any fraudulent activity.

Had we appointed packers and movers in Coimbatore through a reliable website like Justdial, probably this would not have happened as the company has verified service providers, who are affordable and trustworthy.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Hire Packers and Movers in Chennai - Safe & Verified Relocation Services - Justdial

Packers and Movers in Chennai

Packers and movers are the most important point of contact when you are shifting an office or house. By deciding to hire packers and movers, you can heave a sigh of relief as their expertise in the field makes the entire process hassle-free. These professional organizations take care of packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of goods within the city as well as from one city to another. To provide help with packing, these efficient establishments use the best quality packaging material like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps and cling wraps. The professionals take extra care when handling fragile goods like glassware and electronics and wrap the goods with utmost caution. The assigned workmen also dismantle furniture while packing and then assemble it at the time of unpacking. The companies gauge the quantity and weight of the entire shipment and accordingly provide a quotation of the estimated cost. Please scroll up to find a wide list of all the packers and movers in Chennai.

Packers and Movers in Chennai - Safe and affordable relocation services, movers and packers in Chennai. Top quality packaging, best quotes from top services. Check ratings, reviews, contact details on Justdial.

List of Packers and Movers in Kolkata - Justdial

Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Packers and movers are the most important point of contact when you are shifting an office or house. By deciding to hire packers and movers, you can heave a sigh of relief as their expertise in the field makes the entire process hassle-free. These professional organizations take care of packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of goods within the city as well as from one city to another. Moving companies that pack and move ensure the safety of your furniture and other goods by making use of packaging material like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps and cling wraps.

Packers and Movers in Kolkata - Make the task of shifting an office or house a cakewalk. When you hire the services of a company to take care of the shifting. Check ratings, reviews, contact details on Justdial.

Packers and Movers in Delhi - Safe & Verified Relocation Services - Justdial

These companies that provide help with packing make use of packaging material like cardboard boxes, bubble wraps and cling wraps to avoid any damage to the goods. The professionals take extra care when handling fragile goods like glassware and electronics and wrap the goods with utmost caution. For furniture that requires to be dismantled and then assembled, the assigned workmen take care of the same and do the needful at the time of packing and unpacking. Depending on the quantity of goods to be moved and their weight, the companies provide a quotation of the cost that will be incurred. To get information of all the packers and movers in Delhi, please scroll up.

Packers and Movers in Delhi - Safe and affordable relocation services, movers and packers in Delhi. Top quality packaging, best quotes from top services. Check ratings, reviews, contact details on Justdial.

Top Packers and Movers in Bangalore - Justdial

Packers and Movers in Bangalore

Packers and movers make the task of shifting an office or house a cakewalk. When you hire the services of a company to take care of the shifting, you need not worry about the entire process as they are quick and efficient. Whether from one location to another within the city or in case of moving from one city to another, these professional organizations carry out packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of all the goods.

Packers and Movers in Bangalore - Make the task of shifting an office or house a cakewalk. When you hire the services of a company to take care of the shifting. Check ratings, reviews, contact details on Justdial.

Best Packers and Movers in Mumbai - Justdial

Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Specializing in residential and commercial moving, committed at ensuring that all transported goods reach their target destinations. Under residential moving services, this firm also handles sensitive assignments such as electronics and fragile items with ease. The commercial moving services include office relocation, movement and off-site storage of heavy engineering equipment and the sustainable removal of surplus furniture. This enterprise is operational round-the-clock on all days of the week. Payment in Cash, Cheques are accepted.

Packers and Movers in Mumbai - Safe and affordable relocation services, movers and packers in Mumbai. Top quality packaging, best quotes from top services. Check ratings, reviews, contact details on Justdial.

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Best Car Hire Services For Airport in Delhi - Justdial

Car Hire Services in Delhi

Guruji Tour & Travels in Geeta Colony allows you to rent cars for driving it by yourself. They offer a wide choice in terms of their fleet which features 4 x 4, SUVs as well as compact hatchbacks. Take your pick as per your preferences. Their fleet is well-maintained and kept in excellent condition for the passengers' comfort and convenience. They also offer long term rentals and fleet management services. Catering to the convenience of their customers, this firm offers its services round-the-clock. Pay for this establishment's services with Cash, Cheques.

Car Hire Services in Delhi. Find Best Car Hire For Airport Drop. Get Phone Numbers, Address, Reviews, Photos, Maps for top Car Hire in Delhi on Justdial.

Best Restaurants Delhi - Justdial

Restaurants in Delhi

A household name when it comes to North Indian and Chinese cuisines, Chawla Family Restaurant at Rajouri Garden is a must-visit for every food enthusiast. Offering highly delectable food, as much as the restaurant is popular for the taste of the food, it is equally renowned for its generous portions. The menu has a wide assortment of dishes that fall under several categories. Some of their most ordered food items include Tomato Soup, Paneer Tikka Roll, Chicken Malai Tikka Roll, Tandoori Aloo Stuffed, Maharaja Shahi Platter, Tangri Kebab Stuffed, Mutton Gulafi Kebab Special, Magic Chicken Tikka, Crispy Chicken Chaap Special, Shahi Paneer Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, Golden Chicken Special, Mutton Shahi Korma, Seeks Kebab Masala, Lachcha Parantha, Aloo Onion Kulcha, Chicken Manchurian and Veg Singapori Noodles. Making for a must-visit experience, the restaurant has a simplistic arrangement without emphasizing on lavish interiors or stylish décor. Though the restaurant is a casual premises, it is extremely functional. The well spaced table and chair seating arrangement allows visitors to comfortably dig in to their delicacies. The staff is quick in their service and polite in their interactions making for a truly enjoyable experience.

Restaurants in Delhi. Get Phone Numbers, Address, Reviews & Ratings, Photos, Maps of Best Restaurants Near me on Justdial.

Best Restaurants Serving Italian Food - Justdial

Italian Restaurants in Delhi

Making way for a hearty meal is Tesoro Mio Kitchen N Kaffe in Delhi. Established in the year 2013, this place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines. So as to be able to cater to a large number of diners, it occupies a favourable location at Vikas Marg. G-13 Top Floor, Preet Vihar, Near Karkari MOD, Vikas Marg, Delhi - 110092 is where one can visit the venue. Courtesy to this strategic location, foodies in and around the neighborhood can walk in to this eating house conveniently without facing any hassles related to commuting to this part of the city. It is one of the most sought after Home Delivery Restaurants in Vikas Marg. This is a one of the renowned Home Delivery Restaurants in Delhi.

Italian Restaurants in Delhi. Find best Restaurants Serving Italian Food. Get Phone Numbers, Address, Reviews, Photos, Maps & Book A Table in top Italian Restaurants in Delhi on Justdial.