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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Looking for the Best University in Dubai? Read on…

Dubai is among the most famous of the 7 cities that make up the Emirates. With its mega structures, bright lights, the best global brands and representation from almost every country in the world, Dubai today is a megacity that still has retained its culture and tradition while marching into the future. People come here from all across the globe as tourists and to work as well, as Dubai offers world class facilities and infrastructure.

Along with its urban development the UAE has put in a lot of thought and effort into its education system as well. And the locals as well as expats have benefitted from this.  These universities even have students coming in from other countries to avail of these facilities. It is difficult to pinpoint just one college as the top universities in UAE when each offers students a global environment, great campuses and the most qualified staff. One can choose from the options available to select the best university in Dubai based on individual requirements. Everything from medicine, engineering, social sciences and even research facilities are available at these universities.

With the convenience of the internet one can easily look for and find the top universities in UAE right from one’s home or desk. Information on every university is available on sites that review and write about educational facilities across the world or on individual university sites. The best university in Dubai will have their own website showcasing all their facilities and achievements and detailing their curriculum and admission processes. Most of these sites also have trained and qualified staff available 24*7 to answer any type of query on chat and to guide a student to find the best university in Dubai.  Undergraduate and postgraduate course are also available at these universities. 

Students looking to study engineering will find Bits Pilani the top universities in dubai. With a conducive atmosphere for research and consultancy, Bits Pilani offers its students and researches all the facilities and infrastructure required for their projects. Most of the students are helped to have their futures planned out before graduation. Bits Pilani offers student housing facilities, student visas, medical facilities, cafeteria, IT services and very good sports facilities. There are also scholarships for students in various categories like Board exams, Qualifying exams, Competitive exams and even for those excelling in sports.  There is financial aid as well as concessions available for those students suffering from a disability, for those who have lost the earning member of their family and even a sibling concession. With all this on offer Bits Pilani is definitely the best university in Dubai.    You can find more about the university on its website, i.e.

About Author:
Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician. He insists students to conduct research in order to find the best university in Dubai, one that meets their needs.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Find Out How the Top Universities in UAE Are Ranked By Browsing Online

The UAE stands for the United Arab Emirates and is situated in the Persian Gulf. This union of 7 emirates has Abu Dhabi as its capital city. The UAE has been at the forefront of innovation and modern infrastructure while still retailing their inherent Arab culture and traditions. Modernising the Emirates has ensured the best infrastructure and facilities are available for its locals and expats. From world class options in every sphere including entertainment and education, more and more international students are finding the world’s best universities represented among the top universities in UAE.

From private colleges and universities to government run educational institutions, a student looking for the best university in UAE is spoilt for choice. In the UAE about 25% of federal spending is diverted to education. Undergraduate and Degree courses, medicine, engineering, management courses etc are all available here. Most of the top universities in UAE and the colleges have international accreditations making it possible for students to look for careers across the world on completion of their degrees. A large free dedicated zone for education was established known today as the Dubai International Academic city which also has student facilities. The DIAC is home to the best universities e learning centres, professional centres, research and development companies as well as training centres. 

The top universities in UAE offer everything from Engineering, Finance, Computing, Bio Technology, Business administration, Architecture, Medicine and even tourism and international relations. There is a regulatory authority in place knowm as the KHDA, this is known as Knowledge and Human Development Authority which checks on the uality of education offered by these universities in Dubai by comparing the degree program conducted locally with its equivalent course in another university. Students can choose from local universities as well as from private ones. With the convenience of the internet one can easily find out more details of the curriculam on offer at the top universities in Dubai and the requirements for each.

One of the top universities in Dubai is Bits Pilani. Already an established name in India, Bits Pilani is also one of the renowned universities in UAE. With a wide choice of Engineering options to choose from a student can even choose General Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Doctoral Programs. The faculty is among the best, each staff member having the best academic qualifications in his field. Bits Pilani has campus placements and their students have been placed successfully in the best companies around the world. And not just in academics but Bits Pillani has a thriving sports culture as well. Students are encouraged to take part in various extracurricular activities as well. More information about the same can be found at

About Author:
Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician and has spent a long time working with as well as evaluating the top universities in UAE. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

How to Select Among the Top Universities in Dubai?

best university in dubai

Studying abroad is many students’ dream.  They wish to be independent and carve out a successful career for themselves.  However, there are various things that you need to be careful about at this juncture.  You need to make sure that you are equipped with all the information that is desired to make the right selection.  In this article, we shall shed some light on how you should select among the top universities in Dubai.  We will discuss those aspects of a university that you should look at:

1. Experience:  The experience of a university tells you a lot about whether the university has all the right ingredients to orchestrate a great career for you.  If the university is experienced, you will have enough information that you can base your decision upon.

2. Infrastructure:  Now, this is an extremely important point that is worth considering too.  You need to make sure that the university has the infrastructure to support your education.  Things that you should look for are labs, libraries, number of books, classrooms, equipment, etc.  Everything plays its own unique part in helping you learn better.

3. Faculty:  Now, this one is an undeniable aspect of a good university.  When you are selecting among the top universities in Dubai, the faculty members there will be a good indication of what you can expect.  You want to make sure that faculty members have academic experience as well as experience in the industry.  After all, you need education that is inclusive and gives you a good blend of theory and practice.  Moreover, you want to also look at the faculty’s willingness to support students outside of classrooms.  You will need their support from time to time, and their availability is the key for that.  If a university has a large number of visiting faculty members, you might want to give that university a pass.

4. Course Availability:   If a university has great infrastructure and supporting faculty, it is wonderful for you.  However, if the university doesn’t have the specialization of your choice, all of the above doesn’t matter.  You need to at least boil down to a few specializations that you are planning to pursue.  On the basis of that information, you can check on the university’s website about the availability or otherwise of those specializations.

5. Placements:  Some universities help you with your placement after the course.  This support can be multi-layered.  Some universities will get you introduced to some of the top companies in the industry.  On the other hand, some other universities will help you with the complete cycle of placement.  In other words, they will arrange interviews for you with companies to give you a fair shot at getting placed. 

All of these are important considerations to have while making a selection of the university where you want to study.


Bits Pilani is one of the renowned Engineering colleges indubai.  In fact, it is considered to be a top university in UAE, and all of this has been possible because of its focus on education and willingness to help students in picking the right specialization.  More information about the university can be found at  

Author Note: Mahesh shiraskar is an academician and believes strongly in foreign education.  He frequently helps students selection from among the top universities in Dubai.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Why Start Your Own Business After Your B.E. Biotechnology?

B.E. Biotechnology

So, you are a student and you are planning to complete a B.E. Biotechnology.  That is a good choice. In today’s world, biotechnology professionals are in high demand.  Be it the food and beverages industry or medicine or any other relevant industry, they all need biotechnology professionals.  Moreover, the agriculture industry is also on the lookout for biotechnology professionals to help them sort various issues.

However, what do you plan to do once you have completed your B.E. Biotechnology?  Most students like to have a good job after their course. That is a good plan.  It ensures that you have the security, and it lays the foundation for a very strong career for you.  However, if you have the entrepreneurial bend of mind; there are great opportunities for starting your own business.  As an example, some of the top universities in UAE have their own start-up wings that are meant to support students who want to be entrepreneurs. These wings help students identify their niche, streamline their operations, and make their business successful.

Here are some reasons why you should be a biotechnology entrepreneur:

1. The world needs you:  There is no question about the fact that the world needs biotechnology professionals.  Taking an example of the pharmaceutical industry.  It is continuously striving to come up with solutions and cures to various ailments that we have in the world.  By being an entrepreneur, you can offer consultation to these organizations.  In fact, if you can add value in the chain of development and/or improvement of medication; you can be an instant hit in the industry.  The same applies in other industries too.

2. Freedom of thought:  Being an entrepreneur lets you have the freedom of thought.  If you have certain ideas that you think the world needs, you can implement them when you are an entrepreneur.  This can be taken as a point of caution too.  You really don’t want to start your business unless you have a real idea that solves real problems.

3. Various Industries:  We have mentioned this earlier.  Biotechnology finds applications in multiple industries.  Therefore, you can choose to serve them all or pick a niche where you can make the most contribution.

4. Satisfaction:  Finally, there is a satisfaction that innovators derive from creating their own entity.  That is what entrepreneurship does for you.


Top universities in Dubai, or the entire UAE region, can help you in multiple ways.  These universities can provide you with the desired training and the infrastructure to give wings to your ideas.  One such renowned university in Dubai is Bits Pilani.  The university offers multiple Biotechnology courses in Dubai and other parts of the globe.  The faculty and the infrastructure of the university are geared towards making students’ learning wholesome.  You can apply this learning towards enhancing your prospects.  

About Author:
Mahesh shiraskar believes that B.E. Biotechnology students or professionals can make a difference to the world by starting their own enterprises.