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Setting Up For Your Dream Restaurant as Best Restaurants Dubai

Best Restaurants Dubai

Dubai is one of those places in the world where it is feasible to establish a restaurant business. It has never-ending opportunities as tourists from different parts of the globe are known to visit this beautiful place all through the year. Starting a restaurant in Dubai can be an opportunity of your dreams.

An Ideal Business Sketch Will Make The Business Perfect 

A good business plan for restaurant is required in order to have a successful restaurant in Dubai. You must have a good knowledge of this fragment. You should have a viable business plan, which includes force of the market. 

To open a restaurant, you should have a degree in restaurant management Dubai UAE.   A good restaurant in Dubai can be a very profitable scheme and a high-quality endeavor for foreign businesspeople. However, there are some requirements for starting a business in the food industry in Dubai. To plan a restaurant opening Dubai, a trade license is required from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. The second step will be to attain approval for the building plans that require following some specifications.

Necessity Of Hospitality Consultants

Restaurant fit out Dubai is one restaurant, which has unique style and designs. Your restaurant design is as unique as the food menu you select for your restaurant. Dubai has turned into a popular and attractive tourist target due to its stylish hotels, warm hospitality, and lip- smacking restaurant services. Developing a well-structured restaurant business is not so simple without professional support from restaurant management Dubai UAE

Dubai has an enormously spirited market in the field of hotels and restaurants. To make it boom, the role of hospitality consultants in Dubai is inevitable. From menu design setting to chalking out the business tactics, from hospitality companies in Dubai to hospitality consultants in Dubai, everything depends on the professional hospitality consulting services Dubai

There are numbers of hospitality consulting services in Dubai, but Ribbon-Me Consulting has certainly made an instantly recognizable footstep in this hostile environment. Setting up a restaurant business while taking care of project implementation, supervision, audit overhaul , etc. are all managed by Ribbon-Me.

Ribbon-Me Consulting is a planned operating associate and creates a stupendous infrastructure for many upcoming and famous chain restaurants in Dubai UAE. Ribbon-Me Consulting undertook the branding and conceptualization of many restaurants in Dubai UAE together with professional services like financial overviews and forecast. Its services include business planning and feasibility, concept development, menu development, supply chain management, real estate selection and analysis, project management and execution and many other services. 

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Rehan Sheikh has created this content to bring focus on Menu Design Dubai along with Restaurant Fit out Dubai, and Restaurant management Dubai use.

Ribbon - Providing Unique Restaurant Concepts

restaurant management in Dubai UAE

Over the last few decades, Dubai has become a famous tourist destination for its sprawling markets and luxurious hotels and restaurants. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the charm and warm hospitality of Dubai. It has become a melting point for different types of cultures and ethnicity. Restaurant concepts in Dubai are now booming business opportunities. This is why everyone needs a restaurant consultant before launching any business in Dubai.
In a restaurant consulting business, they offer in-depth consulting and management services for their customers. They provide all the necessary services from planning and feasibility study to concept development and project execution. The restaurant business in Dubai is growing day by day and its success heavily depends on a good restaurant consulting service. Dubai has a hugely competitive market in the restaurant business and that is why this business has been growing stronger over the last few years.

There are a number of restaurant consultants in Dubai but only some have established a special scratch in this field in restaurant management in Dubai UAE. You might have no other better alternative except to hire the best restaurant consultant in Dubai, as it would help you establish a restaurant business on a long term basis. All you need to do is  chalk out your business plan and budget; the experienced consultants will guide you to design a toprestaurant in Dubai to make a permanent footprint in this competitive yet lucrative market.

The most established restaurant consultant in Dubai is Ribbon Consulting. They help their clients in detailed planning and execution of their business plan, starting from chef requirement to menu development. Ribbon also helps in menu testing, zeroing in on the options and market list finalization. Ribbon is the strategic operation partner of Kunai UAE franchises.

Kauai’s first project in the Middle East was developed and executed by Ribbon Consulting. It is a strategic planner of one of Dubai’s most popular restaurant concepts in Dubai, the Prax’s at Jumeirah Dubai. As Ribbon sets the menus that can sustain customers’ demands, its valued clients supply the best food items and maintain top quality food and ambiance.

Ribbon Consulting also helped in the execution of the concept and development of Breath Cafe, Dubai, which is now a place where customers breathe and feel relaxed for its outstanding ambiance. Ribbon settles the branding and detail business plans and also facilitates the financial overview and forecasts, including return analysis and invest requirements for its customers.

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Rehan Shaikh is a food blogger and loves to go out and try different restaurants. The new concepts in the restaurants planned and managed by Ribbon Consulting are among his top favourites.

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Why Start Your Own Business After Your B.E. Biotechnology?

B.E. Biotechnology

So, you are a student and you are planning to complete a B.E. Biotechnology.  That is a good choice. In today’s world, biotechnology professionals are in high demand.  Be it the food and beverages industry or medicine or any other relevant industry, they all need biotechnology professionals.  Moreover, the agriculture industry is also on the lookout for biotechnology professionals to help them sort various issues.

However, what do you plan to do once you have completed your B.E. Biotechnology?  Most students like to have a good job after their course. That is a good plan.  It ensures that you have the security, and it lays the foundation for a very strong career for you.  However, if you have the entrepreneurial bend of mind; there are great opportunities for starting your own business.  As an example, some of the top universities in UAE have their own start-up wings that are meant to support students who want to be entrepreneurs. These wings help students identify their niche, streamline their operations, and make their business successful.

Here are some reasons why you should be a biotechnology entrepreneur:

1. The world needs you:  There is no question about the fact that the world needs biotechnology professionals.  Taking an example of the pharmaceutical industry.  It is continuously striving to come up with solutions and cures to various ailments that we have in the world.  By being an entrepreneur, you can offer consultation to these organizations.  In fact, if you can add value in the chain of development and/or improvement of medication; you can be an instant hit in the industry.  The same applies in other industries too.

2. Freedom of thought:  Being an entrepreneur lets you have the freedom of thought.  If you have certain ideas that you think the world needs, you can implement them when you are an entrepreneur.  This can be taken as a point of caution too.  You really don’t want to start your business unless you have a real idea that solves real problems.

3. Various Industries:  We have mentioned this earlier.  Biotechnology finds applications in multiple industries.  Therefore, you can choose to serve them all or pick a niche where you can make the most contribution.

4. Satisfaction:  Finally, there is a satisfaction that innovators derive from creating their own entity.  That is what entrepreneurship does for you.


Top universities in Dubai, or the entire UAE region, can help you in multiple ways.  These universities can provide you with the desired training and the infrastructure to give wings to your ideas.  One such renowned university in Dubai is Bits Pilani.  The university offers multiple Biotechnology courses in Dubai and other parts of the globe.  The faculty and the infrastructure of the university are geared towards making students’ learning wholesome.  You can apply this learning towards enhancing your prospects.  

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Mahesh shiraskar believes that B.E. Biotechnology students or professionals can make a difference to the world by starting their own enterprises.

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Tactics To Achieve Career Growth

Personal qualities go a long way in influencing the success rate of an individual in a fast paced society and a meticulously competitive corporate environment. The only way to taste the ladder of professional career growth is by possessing the requisite skills that are needed for the desired organization in today’s world. This article examines few of those tactics:

• Improving your employer’s ROI on you: It is a well-known fact that employee’s getpaid to produce results. The employer expects that an employee be at par, best or outperform the established objective in their position. The employer expects to get a higher return than the salary he/she invests on the employee. In other word he/she expects a higher return on investment (ROI). It is important to work hard in everything to deliver a higher ROI to the company.

• Professional development: Another common career challenges is professional development. Learning never finishes. Therefore it is important to continuously invest in professional development that is professional associations, training programs, certifications, education, the likes and reading professional literature. This helps you to stay a step above the competition and stay up-to-date with the modern advancements in your field. It is important to set aside an annual budget for your professional growth and development.

• Challenge yourself: Top professionals constantly discover and experiment themselves, pushing the standard bar to achieve more every time. If you are getting 100% results try boosting yourself to 110% results by constantly challenging yourself to accomplish more each time. 

• Network, network, and network: Building network is the most integral part to achieve a career growth. Knowing the right people in and out of the organization can bring wonders to your career. If you need a mentor to guide you, opt for a mentor that can create a difference in your career. 

• Become a better leader: The corporate world believes in leadership abilities like no other. Irrespective of your profession or title you should be able to show your leadership skills and be able to answer problem solving interview questions aswell. Be practical and develop your leadership skills. 

• Follow professional ethics: Qualities like reliability, punctuality, positive attitude, precision and punctuality are always valuable. The stronger your professional ethics are, the more successful your professional career will be. 

• Love all, serve all: Try volunteering on community initiatives, projects, internal committees and company presentations. Take on few extra tasks. The reward for such services will go beyond professional frontier. The stronger your marketing professional services are more wonders it could do for your career.

About Author: Joy Dsouza loves to write about professional career growth and the skills required building a strong career in an organization.

Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work For You

With the increasing number of listed users, LinkedIn is becoming one of the biggest social media platforms for small businesses to foster customer relationship, nurture new business ventures, build a reputation and enhance brand visibility. One question that usually arises in the mind of LinkedIn users is that: Is it enough to solely have a profile or there is something more I can do with the help of LinkedIn? About 90% of recruiters from very well known companies search for eligible candidates to fill in their job vacancies. More than that, an enormous percentage of B2B companies use this stage to find new customers. This is why it is important to get a good profile rank for LinkedIn users. Rewrite LinkedIn profile can surely help you to obtain higher profile level. Below we discuss few tips that can surely help to soar your profile views in no time. 

Update your profile: The first thing is to keep your profile updated by rewriting your LinkedIn profile. From period to period it is important to post something interesting and new in your profile so that the LinkedIn contacts get attracted and view your profile for new thought process, interests, position, assignment and location. The profile can also be updated by posting things like special dates, days and events. If you do not have something interesting to post, you can simply publish your profile by deleting some information. Then add back the deleted material and publish your profile again. New details can also be added by adding a comma or a full stop. All of these ways succeed for a profile update. It is important to rephrase or revise something everyday for your profile to build new connections and increase the number of customers to visit your profile on LinkedIn.

Remove better ranking connections: One tweak way to get excellent LinkedIn profiles is by deleting or removing those whose profile ranking stand higher than yours. By doing this, the profile views become higher on LinkedIn.

Participate in groups: One way to build strong connections is by participating in groups that interest you. You should strive to be the top contributor in the discussion that takes place in groups. You can also join homogenous groups where you can connect and share with people that share the same interest as yours. Or choose heterogeneous group where members have conflicting interests. The most satisfactory type of groups you should choose, are the ones that have the biggest number of members and those that let members post strong discussions. 

By doing such LinkedIn profile optimization techniques you can optimize your profile and progress in your career. 

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Joy Dsouza serves as LinkedIn instructor and loves to write about the importance of LinkedIn profile optimization.